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Niconico Rent A Car Japan - Tokyo Airport Depot

niconico rent a car japan information

4-2-1, Kukomae,
Hakata-ku Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka, JP

The Niconico Rent a Car, Fukuoka Rental shop is in walking distance from the airport. It is located about two blocks away from Terminal 1. Fukuoka Airport also offers a free shuttle bus to transit between the different terminals. 


613-1, Mizobecho Fumoto, Kirishima-shi,
Kagoshima, JP
There is a free Niconico operated pick-up service at Kagoshima airport. Just give us a call when you arrive (number will be provided upon confirmation).
383-3, Kogashimamachi,
Omura-shi, Nagasaki, JP
Do not worry about walking to our rental car shop with heavy luggage, as the Nagasaki Airport rental shop offers a free pick-up service. Just give us a call when you arrive at the airport (number will be provided upon confirmation).
2-1-6, Kashiwadaiminami
Chitose-shi, Hokkaido, JP

We offer a free bus service to take you to our shop from the airport. If you arrived at the International Terminal, please walk to the Domestic Terminal where our bus stop is located. It takes about 5 minutes to our shop. (This may vary due to traffic). When you get to New Chitose Airport, please call our shop (number will be provided upon confirmation).

351-1, Tokko
Narita-shi, Chiba, JP
Niconico Rent a Car offers a free pick-up service. There are two pick-up locations: Bus Stop No.17 in Terminal 1 and Bus Stop No.24 in Terminal 2. Please call us when you arrive (number will be provided upon confirmation), and tell the operator that you made a reservation with NICONICO Rent a Car and are requesting a pick-up.
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